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USGS Office of Science Quality and Integrity
USGS Office of Science Quality and Integrity


The Office of Science Quality and Integrity (OSQI) monitors and enhances the integrity, quality, and health of U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) science through executive oversight and development of strong practices, policy, and supporting programs, including Science Integrity, Fundamental Science Practices, Tribal Relations, Youth, Education, Mendenhall Research, and more.
OSQI enhances USGS science by engaging the next generation of scientists and science support staff. The office also provides retired USGS scientists and technical experts the opportunity to remain active in the science community, enhance the programmatic activities of the USGS, and serve the public.
OSQI programs uphold the Bureau’s scientific reputation and Fundamental Science Practices, and underscore its mandate to provide reliable science to address pressing societal issues. The office provides monitoring and oversight of internal and external review of USGS science programs and supports administration of internal award and participation in external award programs.
OSQI helps to ensure that employees adhere to professional values and practices when conducting and applying the results of science and scholarship. OSQI also coordinates with Native American governments and organizations to facilitate access to, and collaborate on, USGS scientific research that can help support tribal natural resource management.


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