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  • USGS Region 7: Upper Colorado Basin
    Region 7: Upper Colorado Basin (UCB) News


The USGS researches, monitors, models and forecasts the effects of such change on the Nation’s resources. The resulting information and products help policymakers, natural resource managers, and the public make informed decisions about the management of resources on which they depend.
The reorganization of DOI from 49 regions across 8 bureaus to 12 unified Interior Regions is complete. Unified Interior Region boundaries – based on watersheds but generally drawn along state lines to simplify coordination with external partners – became final on August 22, 2018. Reorganizing from 49 regions across 8 bureaus to 12 Unified Regions adds greater efficiency, accountability, collaboration and consistency across our bureaus. Reorganization will make joint problem-solving and improved coordination between our bureaus and local partners easier, improving the experience for the customer, whether that is a government agency, permit seeker, or landowner

USGS Regions News

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