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During times of disaster, there is often a need for rapid acquisition and coordinated distribution of remotely sensed imagery and other geospatial products. These products enable agencies to plan the response to conditions on the ground. The hosting of imagery through a common delivery portal such as the HDDS facilitates the sharing of imagery and other.
USGS Emergency Response strives to ensure that the disaster response community has rapid access to timely, accurate, and relevant geospatial imagery, products, and services before, during, and after a disaster.
For any disaster event, one or more responding agencies initiate USGS Emergency Response support. The specific type of remote sensing support is coordinated with the end user(s) and scaled to their requirements. The types of service and capability for USGS Emergency Response support are described here.
When disasters strike, pre- and post-event imagery can provide critical information regarding the extent, severity, and evolution of the event. USGS Emergency Response supports the coordination of remotely sensed data acquisitions and distribution

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USGS Emergency Operations Portal Tsunami Waves Sumatra 2004
Tsunami Waves Sumatra -Andaman earthquake. 2004.